I hate May.
That is strange that I hate the month of my birthday.
Every yesr I will be out of lucky during this month.
I got my watch lost few days ago and also my ring.
I feel sad abot that
That watch is a birthday gift which is given by my friends two years ago.

It is the end of May, I hope everything can be ok.
That is a blue month.

There is something make me feel really sad , but I don't know how to write about that.
Something which is really serious for me.
I can't talk about it.



My life ;My Love

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  • Rex
  • Check out

    he~~Yo~~~~Girl~~~~Check out~~~~~
    Don't worry be happy!!
  • ㄆ~狠難想像Rex hip pop的樣子
    thank you ^^

    pocketgou 於 2007/05/30 08:37 回覆

  • 妮小可^^
  • LET IT GO~

    I really know what your feeling is.
    That is why I don't like to celebrete on my birthday.
    I just fake that there is not the day in the world.
    My dear friend~
    Don't think it too much.
    If u think it's a sad month, it will be.
    If u think it's a happy month, it will be.
    so~ it's up yo u!!!
    I really think that you are worth to get all of the great things~^^
  • Honey~~
    Thanks for your words~
    It always give me power to face the world~^^~
    I will take a deep breathing and smile again~^^~
    thank you my sweety~

    pocketgou 於 2007/05/30 08:39 回覆

  • 辛蒂
  • oh~yeh!! baby

    check in check out


    配合butter rap

  • 我會咬著牙忍耐的

    pocketgou 於 2007/05/30 22:46 回覆